HDMI - CTS 1.4a

HDMI 1.4a - Introduces Automotive HDMI (Type E) in addition to Mobile HDMI (Type D), HEAC, 3D HDMI, 4K × 2K patterns, and new Calorimetric patterns, all operating up to 3.4 Gb/s.

Nortelco Electronics and Tektronix recommend the following equipment when using HDMI - CTS 1.4a:

HDMI - CTS 1.4a
Product Description Source Test Cable Test Sink Test
Oscilloscope DPO/DSA/MSO70804 or higher with Opt 2XL for HDMI and HDMI Direct Synthesis (DS) testing, or DPO7104 or higher or DPO/DSA/MSO7000 Series for HEAC testing 1 1 1
Software Option HT3 — HDMI compliance software Non Direct Synthesis based solution 1 1 1
Software Option HT3 DS — Support for Sink and Cable tests as per CTS V1.4a for Direct Synthesis Capability (pre-requisite Opt HT3)   1 1
Software Option HEAC — HEAC Compliance Testing for Source and Sink tests (for Cable tests use DSA8200 configuration) 1   1
Probes P7313SMA for HDMI and HDMI Direct Synthesis testing Min. 2/Max. 4 Min. 2 2
Probes P7330 / P6330 / TDP1000 / 1500 / 3500 Differential probes for HEAC testing 1   1
Probes P6245 / TAP2500 probe for HEAC testing 2   2
HDMI Generator AWG7122 with opt 01, 06, 08 and AFG3102   1-2 1-2
HDMI Direct Synthesis Accessory Kit 020-3018-00 required for Direct Synthesis setup   1 1
HDMI Generator DTG5334 with DTGM30(Qty:2) and DTGM32   1 1
HDMI Generator AWG7102 with opt. 01, 06 or AWG7122
with opt. 01, 06, 08 or
  1 1
Bias-Tees Mini Circuits Bias-Tees with 50 Ohms from Mini-Circuits (order individually as ZX85-12G-S )   2 2
TTC Filters Transition Time Converters from Picosecond Pulse Labs: 27/74.25 MHz: 5915-100-430PS(Qty:2); 145.5 MHz: 5915-100-200PS(Qty:2); 165 MHz: 59151-100-150PS (Qty:2); 222.75 MHz: 5915-100-120PS (Qty:2); 335 MHz: no filter required     1 set
GPIB Cables for DTG HS GPIB cables   2 2
HDMI Test Figures ET-HDMI-TPA-STX for Type A HDMI Fixture for Source and Sink testing 1 1  
- ET-HDMI-TPA-S for Type A HDMI Fixture for Source, Sink and Cable testing 1 1 1
- ET-HDMIC-TPA-STX for Type C HDMI Fixture for Source and Sink Testing 1 1  
- ET-HDMIC-TPA-S for Type C HDMI Fixture for Source, Sink and Cable testing 1 1 1
- TF-HDMID-TPA-P for Type D (mobile) Plug Fixture with Type D HEAC capability also (for Source and Sink testing) 1 1 1
- TF-HDMID-TPA-R for Type D (mobile) Receptacle Fixture with Type D HEAC capability   1  
- TF-HDMIE-TPA-KIT Automotive HDMI fixture includes Type E Plug Fixture and 2 Type E Receptacle Fixtures 1 1 1
- TF-HEAC-TPA-KIT HEAC Test Fixture for Type A and Type C HEAC device & Cable testing (Includes Main Board, Type A plug Fixture, Type C Plug Fixture, 2 Type A Receptacle Fixtures, 2 Type C Receptacle Fixtures) 1 1 1
- TF-HDMI-TPA-CE EDID Fixture with 1.3/1.4a EDID EEPROM, Ribbon cable (for connection to main fixtures) 1   1
DC Power Supply 5V power supply   1 1
TDR System DSA8200 Series with 80E03 and 80E04 with IConnect software (80SSPAR) for HEAC cable testing   1 set 1 set
Cables SMA 1.5 meter cables 174-1428-xx (for DTG setup)   4 12
Interface Cables Direct GPIB with oscilloscope as controller, or NI-GPIB-USB — A/B/HS w/Drive software from National Instruments  (with DPO7000 Series or DPO/DSA/MSO70000 Series)    1 1