Jitter Measurement and Timing Analysis

Jitter degrades system performance and eludes troubleshooting efforts just when you can't afford the time to track it down. Dealing with jitter is now a mandatory part of any high-speed design and many serial data standards require extensive jitter compliance tests as well. Whether you need a quick clock jitter measurement or a thorough analysis of a BER performance problem, Tektronix' comprehensive test instrumentation portfolio enables you to meet your design goals and compliance requirements.

Nortelco Electronics and Tektronix recommend the following equipment when working with Jitter Measurement and Timing Analysis: 

Jitter Measurement & Timing Analysis
Product Description
Oscilloscope DPO7000 Series
DPO/DSA/MSO70000 Series
DSA8200 Sampling Oscilloscopes
Application Software DPOJET Jitter and Eye Diagram And Analysis Tools
80SJNB Jitter, Noise and BER Analysis Software
TDSJIT3 Jitter and Timing Software
TDSRT-Eye® Serial Data Compliance and Analysis Software
Signal Generator AWG7000 Series Arbitrary Waveform Generators
AWG5000 Series Arbitrary Waveform Generators
Jitter Generation Software SerialXpress® Jitter Generation Software
Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer RSA3000 Series