Continual demand for memories to be larger, faster, lower powered and physically smaller is driving the advancement of SDRAM technology.

Tektronix' powerful and comprehensive test instrument portfolio for SDRAMs, memory controllers, DIMMs, computer motherboards and embedded systems will help you resolve design challenges quickly and efficiently.

Nortelco Electronics and Tektronix recommend the following equipment when using Memory:

DDR: Digital Validation and Debug
Product Description
Logic Analyzer Mainframe TLA7012 Portable or TLA7016 Benchtop
Logic Analyzer Module TLA7BB4 Module
Test Fixture/Support Package Nexus Technology NEXVu DDR Support  or FuturePlus Systems DDR3 Support
Probing Different options are available: Tektronix midbus probes, Nexus Technology interposers , instrumented DIMMs, and BGA chip interposers, or FuturePlus  interposers.
DDR: Electrical Validation and Debug
Product Description
Oscilloscope DPO/DSA/MSO70000 Series with options DDRA, ASM, DJA
Accessories Nexus Technology x4/x8/x16 solder or socket BGA chip interposers for oscilloscope probes
Active Differential Probe P7300 or P7500 Series Differential Probes
DDR: Signal Path Characterization
Product Description
Sampling Oscilloscope DSA8200 Sampling Oscilloscope
Modules 80E04 or 80E10 TDR Sampling Module
Analysis Software 80SSPAR IConnect S-parameter Software