Teledyne LeCroy quantumdata 780E Multi-Protocol Analyzer / Generator for HDMI, DisplayPort and HDBaseT

The Teledyne LeCroy quantumdata 780E Multi-Protocol Analyzer / Generator is a handheld digital video generator and analyzer that enables you to run tests on various digital video devices and network distribution devices on site or in the R&D lab.
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The Teledyne LeCroy quantumdata 780E Multi-Protocol Analyzer / Generator offers a wide array of benefits to engineers in R&D as well as professional A/V installers in the field for testing HDMI, HDBaseT and DisplayPort devices. The portable size and user-friendly touch screen interface provide convenience to complement the rich feature set. Because the 780E instrument is equipped with both input and output ports, engineers and proA/V integrators can run a variety of video, audio and protocol tests on digital video sources, displays, distribution equipment and cables. The user interface design and test functions greatly reduce time to insight whether running tests on distinct devices or entire digital video distribution networks.

HDMI, HDBaseT and DispIayPortinput and output ports for testingboth source and display devices aswell as cables and distributionnetworks
Test Ultra High Definition videoproducts supporting 4K resolutionsup to 600 MHz for HDMI
Video pattern and format library withprogrammable settings
Protocol tests for digital videosources and displays
Protocol logging applicationauxiliary channel analyzer (ACA)enables real time monitoring of EDIDexchanges, HDCP (including HDCP2.2), DisplayPort Aux Chan linktraining transactions and CECmessages (for HDMI)
Passive protocol logging between asource and a sink is also optionallysupported
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