USB 3.0

Nortelco Electronics and Tektronix recommend the following equipment when using USB 3.0:

USB 3.0
Product Description
Oscilloscope DPO7254 or higher
Oscilloscope MSO/DPO4000 Series (with DPO4USB module)
Signal Generator AWG5000 / AWG7000 Series Arbitrary Waveform Generators
Signal Generator  DTG5334, DTG5274 or DTG5078 Data Generator with a DTGM21 Output module
Test Fixture TDSUSBF fixture
Application Software TDSUSB2 Compliance Test Software
Differential Probes TDP1500, TDP3500, P6248, or P6330Differential Probe
Single-Ended Probes TAP1500 or P6245 Active Single-Ended Probe
Modules 80E04 TDR Module
Logic Analyzer TLA5000 or TLA7000 (min. 34 channels, 64 recommended)
Probing High Density Mictor Probes
USB Logic Analyzer Support Crescent Heart Logic Analyzer Probing Support Products