USB Interface adapter

Nortelco Electronics tilbyder USB interfaceenheder til at få forbindelse til andre standarder, som f.eks. GP-IB (IEEE-488.2).

Nortelco Electronics tilbyder følgende USB Interface adaptere:

USB Interface Adaptors
Model/Brand Description Manual/Datasheet
Tektronix TEK-USB-488 GPIB for USB Adapter - GPIB control of instruments through USB TEK-USB-488
Keithley KUSB-488B The Keithley Model KUSB-488B USB-to-GPIB interface turns any computer with a USB port into a fully functional GPIB controller. KUSB-488B
Prologix GPIB-USB Controller Prologix GPIB-USB controller converts any computer with an USB port into a GPIB Controller or Device. This controller can operate in listener, talker, or controller mode.
GPIB-USB Controller